Company Profile

Looking to the increasing need and acceptance of readymade and packaged food in market, we established Ekta Fresh Foods Private Limited in 1995 for manufacturing of quality food products like pickles, pastes and chutneys.

The company also has presence in International markets covering resions like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and US.

By getting overwhelming response from the customers, company decided to expand their product range by adding Bakery Products, Dairy Products and Frozen Products in 2013.

EKTA the Appetizer: When EKTA is added to your dish, it enhances the intake of other eatables in the dish, thus EKTA in a way proves to be an appetizer that’s why our slogan is "Har Bhojan Ekta ke Sang". Choosing one however is going to be difficult. Nevertheless, this very pleasant task can be accomplished at the market place near you. And when you finally choose EKTA, remember that its aroma will ensure that it lives with you for a life time.

We increase value of our company by providing joy and happiness in our consumer’s life by continuously providing hygienic and excellent quality products, with nutritious values and lip licking taste keeping in mind the regional preferences.